Ian and Ojen

“There were times when I never thought we would get here. But we finally are!”
Let me write something about this wedding.

It’s our first time to be in the island of Siargao,which happen to be the surfing capital of our country also.A lot of surfers passing,riding in motorcycles or tricycle with their own “pambato” surfboards.We were captivated how laid back and chill was the place,as so with the people.Truly, it was a remarkable shoot for us,as we describe the island as what you will see in the video,PARADISE! Fast forward to our couple,Ian and Ojen were similar to the Island’s ambiance,they are just so relax and very accommodating,(not to mention our villa with rainbowfish people is simply gourgeous!).We felt the genuine love for each other, as they read their vows infront of their families and guests.

So hear it is!


“It is magical how true love finds a way to bring back together two people who are meant to be.”

Big thanks to :

Photo : Rainbowfish Cebu
Coordination: Pam Begre
Location: Isla Cabana Cloud 9 Siargao Island Philippines

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